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Geeta Arya & Associates
an exclusive experience embodied by luxurious Architectural and Interior.

Geeta Arya & Associates engages actively in the creation of contextually appropriate, sustainable design solutions within an increasingly changing world.

At GAA, we see architecture and interiors as a means. A means to enhance the personal experience. Whether it’s a striking new build headquarters for an international client or a minimalist home, a project’s starting point is always the client. We pride ourselves in our deligence and our humility.
We believe that clear, honest and frequent communications is the foundation of a successful project. We see sustainability as integral to the design of every building.With a team approach from the start, we analyse the site and building concept as a whole system. We strive to create a building that works on every level and is uniquely designed to support your life, your work and your goals.

The work of the studio addresses new ways of understanding the often contradictory interrelations between the city, architecture, landscape, and the world of interiors. There is a growing need for our built environment to re-establish healthy relationships with the natural world. Similarly there is an urgency to address the never before seen growth in urban and rural areas in India and globally. Within this context, the work searches for a delicate balance between architecture as the act of disappearance, and creating characterful, responsive and experiential environments.

Geeta Arya & Associates with office in noida was set up in 2006. Over the years the studio has thrived with an energetic team of architects And Engineering Team leed by Geeta Arya and Vaibhav Arya.

Our aim is clear—creating a space that you can proudly own! To achieve this, we work day in and out closely looking into the comforts, design demands, space management and other interior possibilities with our clients.

We believe that designer is connected to end user through her work. Recent studies show that we spend maximum time of our lives in indoor spaces which impact mind and behavior. Therefore an experience of soulful design journey induces positivity to build environment ultimately felt by users. We believe in comprehensive attention to various aspects of design from space planning to design detailing and innovation to affordability keeping client’s emotions and designer’s empathy intact.

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